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Bishop Joey’s presence in my life has made a decisive difference in my marriage, my ministry, and in the mastery of my emotional consciousness.

You will often hear me say, “Don’t tell me who you’re over until you tell me who you’re under.” There are few principles that I believe in more than surrendering to the spiritual authority of one who you feel called to.

It was at this time that God placed Bishop Joey Johnson in my life.

Bishop Joey covered me, gave me wise counsel, and spoke life over me—as he still does to this day.

He also adopted the practice of planting campus pastors to lead the satellite locations so that the members at these locations still receive a personal touch even when he is not physically present. Vernon is committed to continual improvement and creating opportunities for others to improve as well. Vernon has an ambitious appetite for both educating and learning and has a diploma of theology with a concentration in black church studies, a master of arts in practical theology, and a doctorate of ministry with a concentration in church growth, all from Ashland Theological Seminary. This organization is for pastors who are serious about the call of leading God’s people into their destiny, which requires a lifestyle of integrity, humility, honesty, and excellence.

Laura Program Hour 1: Best Of / Eunice's friend sent her a card saying he was having feelings for her, but she feels its inappropriate.

In his book, When Healing Becomes a Crime, Kenny Ausubel notes that in a trial on a chemotherapy drug tested for leukemia, a whopping 42% of the patients died directly from the toxicity of the chemotherapy drug! In 1942, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center quietly began to treat breast cancer with these mustard gas derivatives. Chemotherapy trials were also conducted at Yale around 1943 where 160 patients were treated. Glenn Warner, who died in 2000, was one of the most highly qualified cancer specialists in the United States.It was his advice during that difficult time that ultimately led me to start The Word Church.I am convinced that part of the reason God divinely orchestrated Bishop Joey’s intervention and allowed me to have that experience was to show me the importance of both covering and submission.Vernon opened The Word Church Downtown in the fall of 2014, completely debt free.Known for his uncompromising integrity, he is a trailblazer and trendsetter who focuses on relevance and innovation.

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