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Although HIV/AIDS cases have decreased in the adult population with fewer infections and deaths, there has been an increase in reported cases of new infections among young people.

Volunteers work for the Montego Bay branch of the organization, which is the oldest and largest HIV/AIDS organization in Jamaica.

So who are these people, and what did they actually do? The immune system is an incredibly hot topic in cancer research.

Cancer is an illness that starts from our own cells going rogue within us.

We have a dedicated HIV specialist midwife and obstetrician for pregnant women, and a dedicated cervical smear clinic, colposcopy clinic and gynaecology clinic, all of which run on Wednesdays within the ICDC.

The Royal Free Hospital was the first HIV unit in the country to have a dedicated women's clinic. These can be done (along with a STI screen if requested) on a Wednesday.

And while we’re always keen to welcome exciting experimental cancer treatments, we also want to clear up a few misconceptions about what the research actually involved.

As a volunteer, you will work closely with people living with HIV/AIDS who visit the center every week.

You do not have to be a professional caregiver or social worker to be able to help, though your skills will be put to good use if you are.

High school, gap year, and college students can all contribute to help fight AIDS in Jamaica by volunteering on this project.

Alternatively, some women prefer for these to be taken by their GP service.

Testing for STIs can be performed by the sexual health nurse in the ICDC, the Marlborough Clinic or self-testing if requested by the patient.

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The antenatal and paediatric HIV services are a part of the HIV specialist team within the Royal Free Hospital and operate under a multidisciplinary approach.

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