Alexander skarsgard and kate bosworth dating

Alexa, 31, and Alex, 38, were also spotted out together looking 'cosy' the night before at the Father John Misty show at the Bowery Ballroom according to US reports.

' They were deep in conversation,' an onlooker said.

But if you're both drop dead sexy, the equilibrium is all a mess and next thing you know you're both single. Third, and this is just speculation, but we're fairly sure Skarsgard was recruited to captain a Somalian pirate ship.Fourth and finally, we wonder if Skarsgard couldn't handle telling people with a straight face that he actually enjoyed Blue Crush.HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 28: Actor Alexander Skarsgard arrives at the premiere of Fox Searchlight Pictures' 'The East' presented by Piaget at Arc Light Hollywood on May 28, 2013 in Hollywood, California.I'm a bigger fan of your chai spiced muffins, tho, and iced coffee.I hope I didn't violate the bluebird coffee shop code,” Hayley replied.

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