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John and the Ohio-born beauty also collaborated onscreen in the movies Dead Husbands (1998) and Problem Child 2 (1991); as well as episodes of Hollywood Squares, Wings, and The Cosby Show.The acting duo were married for four years until his 2003 death, and their daughter Stella (who was 5 when her father died) is now 18 years old.The white-walled house also has a private gym, an office with walnut paneling, three fireplaces, and 5.75 bathrooms.

This is the story of the beautiful American actress Amy Yasbeck and famous American comic actor John Ritter.Amy Yasbeck, actress wife of John Ritter, writes poignantly of her life with the popular star of “Three's Company” and “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter,” who in 2003 died of an undiagnosed aortic dissection.In this excerpt from “With Love and Laughter, John Ritter,” she writes candidly of the effect that Ritter’s sudden passing had on her and their 5-year-old daughter. Not only was it our daughter Stella’s fifth birthday, but it was only a few days into her first real week of school.The wonderful couple, however, got slammed by the fate as after three years of happily ever after, Amy lost her loving husband, John, during an unfortunate incident.The death of her beloved caused her to suffer depression and solitude for several years, until this time when she finally found a second chance, a chance to fall in love and take a new turn.

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