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Lear then claimed that he and his wife, Lyn Lear, had dinner with Coulter and Walker, adding that Coulter was "a dreamy, delicious, sweet person."Barris, 42, was surprised by the TV icon's comment. During an October 2013 interview with The Huffington Post, Coulter said Walker was the one "spreading that rumor." She denied that they were a couple, but confirmed that the comedian is one of her close friends.

But it turns out there's a sign of Ann Coulter a you never knew about. The reason, according to iconic television producer Norman Lear, is that Ann and Jimmie are a longtime, low-key couple.

The source, who meets regularly with senior foreign intelligence and security officials from several nations, spoke just hours after President Trump escalated the battle Wednesday by doubling down on his accusation — on Twitter and at a White House press conference with visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that the nation’s intelligence agencies were behind the classified leaks to certain news organizations out of retaliation against him for defeating Hillary Clinton in the November election.“From intelligence, papers are being leaked, things are being leaked, it’s criminal action, a criminal act,” Mr. People are trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the Democrats had under Hillary Clinton.”Mr.

Trump and his supporters have repeatedly argued that it’s the illegal leaks — not the content showing Mr.

Brennan denounced his remarks, which mixed tributes to the professionalism of the nation’s intelligence agents with political remarks, attacks on the media and a review of the debate over the size of his Inauguration Day crowd. Brennan called the speech a “despicable display of self-aggrandizement” and that Mr.

Ann Coulter took to Twitter on Wednesday, April 5, to deny legendary sitcom producer Norman Lear's claims that she's dating Good Times alum Jimmie Walker."Best of friends, love him, no romance," the conservative political commentator, 55, tweeted.

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