Are kaley cuoco and johnny galecki dating

The once offscreen couple did, however, get married during the season 10 premiere of their hit CBS show.When Cuoco finalized her divorce from her husband, Ryan Sweeting, fans began to speculate that Cuoco and Galecki might reignite their romance.”Cuoco is currently dating fellow equestrian Karl Cook after briefly dating Arrow star Paul Blackthorne late last certainly couldn’t wait for their favorite show to return for its tenth season, it was apparently Cook’s nightmare for his girlfriend Kaley Cuoco to get back on set with Galecki, who reportedly was keen to rekindle their romance.

Has Kaley’s new romance with Karl Cook made it uncomfortable for co-star and former boyfriend Johnny Galecki to work with Kaley?According to Kaley, the talk about her leaving the number one rated comedy is completely untrue. Here till the end ya’ll,” Kaley posted on Instagram.“The look I give when I hear rumors about myself leavin @Bingbangtheory_cbs isn’t happening. The accompanying photo is of a shocked and surprised Penny with the caption, “WHAT?!And the actress has had to deny rumors that the two got back together ever since.At the beginning of this year, new rumors surfaced claiming that Cuoco and Galecki rekindled their romance.

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