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The Court assesses various criteria beforehand; it must be fully satisfied that the plaintiff will 'probably' be entitled to relied and that unless an injunction is put into place, justice may not be served now or at a later date; the plaintiff must prove that it is their strong belief that without the injunction, the risks of the assets being removed or dissipated before the judgment has been served is high; and the plaintiff must also give an undertaking as to damages. The Supreme Court in Cyprus looked carefully into this limitation of jurisdiction and analyzed it in the case of Seamark Consultancy Services Ltd v Joseph P. Zeidman, Co-Trustees of the Aremisoft Liquidating Trust C. The idea is to ensure that if the plaintiff is entitled to relief, justice will be served.A June 23, 1975 where Lord Denning stated: “…the principle applies to a creditor who has a right to be aid the debit owing to him, even before he has established his right by getting judgment for it.The Mareva principle stems from the decision made in the case of Mareva Compania Naviera S. If it appears that the debt is due and owing and there is a danger that the debtor may dispose of his assets so as to defeat it before judgment.The Court has jurisdiction in a proper case to grant an interlocutory judgment so as to prevent him disposing of those assets".

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