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Both the movie and television show revolve around the adventures of Ethan (Matthew), his best friend Benny (Atticus), and the babysitter, Sarah (Vanessa).When Benny makes a love potion from his Grandma's spell book, he accidentally makes the entire female student and staff body fall in love with him and Ethan.

In 2009, Atticus began his professional acting career with a recurring role in the successful YTV series How to be Indie.

And they say that they’re just friends…most people will agree with me that Vanessa saying they’re just friends is an EPIC LIE.

Don’t get me wrong, that probably WAS true when they first met and got to know each other, but, if either one of them said that NOW, it’s an epic lie.

Little does he know that the more they love him and Ethan, the more that the girls will hate them.

) is a 2011 Canadian television series, based on the television film of the same name.

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He's the cause of most problems, but many times he's also the cause of the solution.

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