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Takes for example the category tree above, if a product is categorized in Pants category, I want to get the first level category which is Apparel (in this case, the product only tagged under Pants category but not tagged in Apparel category).

Question: what method can I use to get the parent category of a sub category, or is it possible to get the first level category from a product?

Click the "Get New Token" button and enter your e Bay account's username and password.

Click the "Generate Token" button to link your e Bay account to your Auctiva account.

Click "Schedule Listing," and then enter a time and date for Auctiva to automatically post your listing to e Bay.

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I want this per post, as I want to add a class to each post signifying its main parent Thank you for your interest in this question.Active content such as Java Script and Flash hinders mobile purchases, creates longer load times, and increases security vulnerabilities.To ensure the best shopping experience, it’s important to replace active content in your listings now—before it’s disabled in all listings across all devices starting in June, 2017. Active content is a broad term which covers any type of non-standard text that can be included in item descriptions to provide additional functionality.This new feature/check box is located at the top of the Description on your item page—it's the content in the box below.Advanced users and third-party partners can go to to find additional details as well as other recommendations to make the listing more mobile-friendly.

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