Blue screen of death after updating video driver dating pressure and harrasment

The crash dumps were inconclusive (not your fault, but the driver corrupted the stack), looking at the drivers loaded at the time, and previous crashes by other people, it looks to have something to do with the CCC driver ().

The Catalyst Control Center is probably causing the issue (it looks to be the only thing causing 0x A0000001 blue screens. If that doesn't seem to fix it, try re-installing it.

Hi, The problem I'm having right now is the fact that last night my computer decided to just shut itself down randomly after me starting up World of Warcraft.

Afterwards it would only give me BSOD's with BCCode 116.

I also checked the device manager through Safe Mode and my GPU is update to date. The card was working before, so I'm not sure what happened.I moved on as follows: I reinstalled Windows again because, when in doubt reinstall (as it's the easiest and least time consuming). As BCCode 116 has something to do with the graphics card or the graphics drivers (according to my googling skills) I assumed I'd save time by installing those first. When running with ANY kind of official Nvidia Ge Force drivers my computer just keeps throwing BSOD's at me with the same 116 code in it.I've tried installing older drivers, newer drivers, I've even tried installing the same drivers I've been using for the past 2-3 months but none seem to work.In one of the posts I found it was mentioned that this problem could also be memory related.I just finished running "Memtest86 v4.3.6" for about 1,5 hours and it came back with no errors at all.

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