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https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/3740e0b5(v=vs.110) If you'd like to validate the xml sting , you could refer to the above reply.

Apart from the built-in DTD support in parsers, lxml currently supports three schema languages: DTD, Relax NG and XML Schema.

Take advantage of the merging of two complementary technologies: XML and ASN.1. Encode XML messages into highly compact binary encodings and send them down the line for lossless decoding. The OSS XSD Tools bind your XSD Schema to C/C representations.

, with standardized binary encoding support, allow you to do just that, by providing runtime functions to quickly encode/decode XML data to/from very compact ASN.1 binary encodings. Runtime libraries provide fast encoding of values of these representations into highly compact binary or XML encodings.

Using standard, proven, binary encoding rules we can achieve better speeds and size of compaction than commonly used compression algorithms.

Decoders provide validation of incoming XML documents, and fast transformation of those documents to values of the C/C representations.

On CPAN, the only available XML Schema validator is XML:: Schema.

I'm sure this will mean that it can't be used in all situations, but hopefully that won't prevent it from being used at all.

The following elements are supported by the XML Schema parser.

Data validation remains an un-sexy part of software development.

In spite of its importance to the success of so many systems, validation is often added as a nearly optional and sometimes poorly crafted extra. It's also unnecessary, because XML Schema 1.1 offers compelling data-management features that simplify validation, as Stephen B. In this data-rich era, the role of data-centric applications is a central plank in enterprise IT.

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