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C., resident sent CBC News photos of a newly purchased non-prescription allergy medication stamped with an expiry date of August 2014.A CBC producer found more on the shelf at the same store.Guidance documents are administrative instruments not having force of law and, as such, allow for flexibility in approach.Alternate approaches to the principles and practices described in this document acceptable provided they are supported by adequate justification.The legal code adopted by the FDA also notes that manufacturers must account for storage conditions (and reconstitution conditions for certain drugs) in the expiration date.As a result of FDA rules, then, you will find a date, usually following the letters ‘EXP,’ either printed on the label or stamped onto the bottle or carton of drugs you buy, and in other cases, crimped into the tube of certain ointments you purchase.Epi Pen auto-injector retained substantial epinephrine for years after their expiration dates in a small study from California, with more than half of pens tested containing at least 90% of their stated amount of adrenaline.Researchers tested the potency of 40 expired Epi Pen products (31 Epi Pens and 9 Epi Pen Jrs) collected from a single community clinic over a two-week period.

However, if you are looking for an intelligent rebuttal of expiration dates, the best place to turn is to the very same alphabet soup government agency, the FDA.Expired medications should be taken off the shelf before they have a chance of reaching consumers, say pharmacists who stress manual checks of the expiry dates.After Shoppers Drug Mart recalled one lot of Alesse 21 birth control pills that expired in September 2014 and were sold to about 100 women, a Richmond, B.The pens had expired one to 50 months prior to analysis.Sixty-five percent of Epi Pens (1 mg/m L epinephrine) and 56% of Epi Pen Jrs (0.5 mg/m L epinephrine) contained at least 90% of the stated amount of the drug, F.

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The expiration date of most medicines is 12 to 60 months after manufacture, reports pharmacists further shorten the time a medicine can be used when they add their own "discard after" or "beyond-use" date to the prescription label itself.

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