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Take the famous Fragment 130 (it's telling that Sappho's poems are labeled as numbered fragments in most 20th century translations), which reads in its entirety: "Once again Love, the loosener of limbs, shakes me, that sweet-bitter irresistible creature." Obbink's discovery of the two new poems was hailed as a miracle, but in some circles, it was met with hesitation.Sappho's long-lost verses had been translated from an ancient papyrus that was in the hands of an anonymous collector in London. Some archaeologists and historians worried it came from Egypt's black market, or feared that it could be a forgery akin to the Gospel of Jesus's Wife, a sensational manuscript that now seems to be a fake.The very oldest Koranic fragments owned by the Leiden University Libraries date back to the second half of the seventh century, between 30 and 70 years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad.This has been shown by newly conducted radiocarbon analyses.Others were suspicious of the papyrus' apparent links to an American evangelical Christian collection of ancient texts.

Materialistic, oh baby, you’re in for a surprise papyrus fragments dating carbon 14 that one study found that a light twin is about the same as.No one had ever ventured to estimate the age of the parchment fragments.‘Now we can say that the oldest fragment on parchment probably dates from the period 650–700.’ ‘What’s interesting,’ says Vrolijk, ‘is that according to official Islamic teaching the Koran was first committed to writing during the caliphate of Uthman, who ruled from 655 to 656.We might have heard tell of how great "Macbeth" once was on stage, but we couldn't perform it ourselves.Without the First Folio, we'd be deprived of at least half of Shakespeare's plays. Last year, however, classicists welcomed exciting news: Dirk Obbink, a leading papyrologist at the University of Oxford, announced that he had recovered substantial sections of two never-before seen poems by Sappho: one about her brothers, the second about unrequited love.

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