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Let's start by noting that an organism growing on, and feeding on, the linen threads exclusively will simply re-shuffle the available carbon with no effect on the radiocarbon content.

Hence the growth must incorporate carbon from an external source, and to produce an age shift like that postulated, that source must be the atmosphere, whether by photosynthesis or some other mechanism.

In an article discussing the destruction of Jericho City IV, archaeologist Bryant Wood presented a sample that initially “was dated to 1410 B. E., plus or minus 40 years, lending further support that the destruction of City IV occurred around the end of the Late Bronze I period, about 1400 B. However, it was discovered years later that the result of this sample testing was incorrect, and was later reissued on a list of erroneous dates due to a problem with equipment calibration at the laboratory for the years 1980-1984. “Re-Evaluation of British Museum Radiocarbon Dates Issued Between 19.” Radiocarbon 32, 1990, 74, BM-1790) which calibrates to approximately 1883-1324 BC, rendering the resulting C-14 date useless for settling the debate between a destruction in ca. “Tell es-Sultan (Jericho): Radiocarbon results of short-lived cereal and multiyear charcoal samples from the end of the Middle Bronze Age.” Radiocarbon Vol. This sample gave results surrounding the date of destruction advocated by Kathleen Kenyon (ca.The major problem with the correlation between the Israelite destruction during the conquest of Jericho and the archaeological findings of the destruction of the final Bronze Age city of Jericho has been the date.Many who argue that the city was not even occupied during the Israelite Conquest appeal to Carbon-14 dates to validate claims that the city was destroyed and abandoned 150 years earlier.In it, Rodger Sparks, a carbon dating expert from New Zealand, and William Meacham, archaeologist and Shroud researcher from Hong Kong, debated some of the theories that have been proposed regarding possible inaccuracies in the 1988 carbon dating test results.Anyone who still believes that C14 dating has proven the Shroud to be medieval should be quickly disabused of that notion.

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