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Please read the thread rules at the bottom of the OT before posting, this is very important in order to make sure this topic stays on course and within the GAF guidelines.Also, please note that any links in the OT, while not directly, might potentially lead to NSFW material. Coming Out On Top Developer: Obscurasoft Publisher: Obscurasoft Platform: PC Genre: Visual Novel/Adult Gay Dating Sim Release Date: Dec 11th, 2014 [Worldwide, English version] Steam release TBA! Coming Out On Top is an adult gay dating sim/visual novel for the PC developed by Obscurasoft.Post-apocalyptic California is a brutal place in 2161, and the game doesn’t undercut that with the suggestion that there’s a lot of time for moonlit walks down past the brahmin pen.Fallout is a world where survival comes first, and love a very, very distant second. After all, no game with a worldview as jaded as Fallout could go for long without presenting an array of characters (mostly female, since 1997 was pretty early in the rise of progressive sexual representation in game design) with whom players can buy or flirt their way into bed.

Fallout is a series with little respect for the human animal and its romantic needs, and its signature disdain for sentiment has manifested itself in every installment since its debut in 1997.

Those that were able to read it describe it as a monster movie where you are the monster. The game takes place in a high school rumored to have been the base of operations for a coven twelve years prior to the premier installment.

This "Witchcraft Club" practiced black magic in a storage room deep within the basement of the institute.

If you want no reading, try the Zone Games Listing.

A shape-shifting spider demon is recovering from an attack by a monk who wants her dead.

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At its Quake Con expo back in July, Bethesda Softworks announced some new details about Fallout 4, the upcoming entry in its long-running post-apocalyptic series.

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