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Philippa Gee, a financial adviser, said: "From next year it will be harder for an authorised adviser to rip people off.

Every week I offer up for reader consideration a list of the best one-liners I've found or been pointed to on Twitter.

The rapper, who has been dating Kardashian since April, made the announcement onstage during a concert in Atlantic City on Sunday evening.

The news sparked a flurry of activity on Twitter -- including congratulatory tweets from the Kardashian clan and biting commentary from others.

And there are marked warnings about the products listed below, plus a host of others – from cheap insurance deals to company pension transfers.

In fact, one of the striking features of this "Retail Conduct Risk Outlook" is the sheer range of products highlighted, from mass-market banking and insurance products to highly specialist investment schemes.

But the Financial Services Authority (FSA) said that while consumers were struggling to cope with falling investment returns and low interest rates, they remained at risk of being mis-sold unsuitable and excessively complex financial products.

Saucy Kensington *Food hits floor* Little Germs: "Let's get it! We must wait 5 seconds." …@hythemafia There's a fine line between a numerator and a denominator … Jim Gaffigan I scream, You scream, We all scream Because grandpa fell asleep at the wheel again..... @rgay I am the Sir Thomas Erpingham at Agincourt of unnecessarily obscure historical references ... @jwoodham Whoever named "cookies" was the laziest person in the world. @sween My 15-year-old son is having spicy Popeye's fried chicken with ketchup for breakfast. I don't want you to guess, I just thought you should know ...

Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West’s child -- and the tweeters of the world seem to all have an opinion about it.

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Went gluten-free and already lost 15 friends in the first week! Bridger Winegar Me: Excuse me sir, what's your Wi-Fi password?

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