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Sexually, this is a playful and boisterous combination.The Leo woman is passionate and likes drama in her sex life; her Gemini buy is always interested in anything new, and will be happy to oblige.The Leo woman, despite being outwardly strong and confident, is actually quite needy, and she especially needs to be reassured constantly that she is loved.The Gemini man is of course the consummate communicator, and can do this with ease.His charm and easy words of love will get – and keep – the Leo woman’s attention.The Gemini man is seeking lots of friendship and intellectual stimulation, and he will get this from the Leo woman – like him, she loves to socialize and she will adore showing off him and his clever wit in front of an audience.Sometimes, however, she will tire of his eternal youthfulness – it’s as if she has an extra child in the house!

They have tossing ideas, dreams and challenges to be taken up at large and may sometimes even block each others’ way.FYI: While the material I will share here is designed for gay men, the male Gemini traits and characteristics offered here are applicable to all Gemini guys. These people are ruled by their heads, not their hearts (though other planets they have in different signs can mitigate that).A Gemini is first attracted to someone on a mental level, because they are highly intelligent.The Gemini man is uber-rational, with many diverse interests and a tendency to analyze everything in intellectual terms.The Cancer woman, on the other hand, is a soulful creature, whose heart definitely rules her head.

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