Dating a woman who was emotionally abused

One had extreme physical abuse, like threats with a gun, physical abuse, etc.She stayed with this man out of fear and was eventually able to leave and hide in a shelter for a while.

These people tend to drown those around them with their agonys instead of getting off their asses and doing something about their problems they whine on and on and it's the same old thing day in, day out.

Many people think that emotional abuse is not as serious or harmful as physical abuse.

Women state that this is not true, and that the biggest problem they often face is getting others to take emotional abuse seriously.

All the above can be implied with sarcasm, irony, or mumblings and can be communicated with body language, rolling eyes, sighs, grimaces, tone of voice, disgusted looks, cold shoulders, slamming doors, banging dishes, stonewalling, cold shoulders, etc.

There are a myriad of ways to be emotionally abusive.

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Gender Distinctions In more than 20 years of working with abusive relationships, I have noticed a consistent gender distinction in the kind of abuse perpetrated.

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