Dating an ironman triathlete

The Aviva IRONMAN 70.3 Singapore triathlon was the last IRONMAN race to take place in Singapore three years ago.

This is likely to change in the near future as IRONMAN Endurance Asia has decided to set up their headquarters in Singapore, with plans to bring IRONMAN events back to our island.

Sales for the new watch grew rapidly; although both models continued in production for many years, Ironman sales much exceeded those of the earlier Triathlon watch.

The Ironman Watch includes time, stopwatch (chrono), timer, occasion alarm, and three alarms.

Fourteen years ago, the first Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon carved its own category in international triathlon.

Norseman has remained true to its core ever since, and continues to attract triathletes from around the world to the ultimate test of endurance, grit, sportsmanship and friendly competition through some of Norway’s most amazing landscapes.

She refused to be intimidated, even when competitors made fun of her “No Meat Athlete” t-shirt. You'll need access to a pool, a racing bike and trails or track that aren't necessarily crowded with others.

" Welcome to the home of Lakesman Triathlons, which in 2018 will feature the award winning full distance event, and also the brand new Lakesman Half!

" The long distance race received fantastic feedback from competitors, spectators and locals alike.

So in the interim, isn't a good reason to start training for the IRONMAN challenge here?

Can anyone take the giant step of committing to an IRONMAN triathlon?

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An all-metal version of the Ironman was produced for awhile in the 1990's and early 2000's.

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