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When she first appeared on the show, her hair was just past shoulder length.Part way into the first season, Lauren appeared in an episode with an ultra short choppy razored style.But – OH — the second part brought it all together and entranced me. But other than the first half of Summer Island (okay, I only read half of this one).Neither of those was awful, but compared to the intensity and character development in some of her later books, these just don’t stand out.Within seconds his plane rolled over on its back, hit the ground and burst into flames, skidding several hundred yards and breaking up as it went along.As I watched the holocaust, I was convinced in my own mind at least that no one could have survived; the superior seven, the nickname given to Smith’s crew, were undoubtedly gone.

He was awarded two Distinguished Flying Cross Awards. He never made much noise; he was unassuming, unobtrusive, and would probably have been branded by most of us as the silent type. He was a strict disciplinarian, a fine officer, and an excellent pilot.Her new drastic short hair cut was actually part of the TV plot.Dialogue was included about her new hairstyle and whether or not Jethro Gibbs, the former love, had noticed her spiky new hair style.Being an avid short hair style watcher, I was riveted by the way Lauren's hair transformation from below the shoulder to super short and choppy, was part of the show's plot lines.It actually appears that Lauren did cut her hair short as a result of the producer's request.

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dating disasters jon lloyd-83dating disasters jon lloyd-4 The Kempten Raid An officer “of no great consequence” proves his worth in a deadly mission over Germany By John N. I guess you could say, we rated him average, an average officer and an average pilot. One day, John Egan, suddenly and without warning, had the mantle of command thrust upon his shoulders.

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