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Well-rounded and seasoned, Steve has kept audiences laughing for years.He won his status, the old-fashioned way..earned it!Veteran Boston stand-up comedian Lenny Clarke has an oddly calibrated act.His material and his perspective is very much in an old-school Don Rickles vein, but his attitude is very much that of a quick-witted young comic. — NYC Review Born in Charlestown, Steve Sweeney is a legendary Boston comedian known as a master of dialects and character voices.This contrast comes wrapped in a conversational, deceptively genial delivery, with just brief moments of clowning. With his famous Boston accent and great insight into human nature, Steve is so thoroughly Bostonian that he merits his own stop on the MBTA Green Line.Clarke is also unpredictable in a very good way on stage — you don’t know where he’s going to go next. Steve learned his craft at the world famous Ding Ho Comedy Club, where he performed with Lenny Clarke, Denis Leary, Jay Leno, and more.

In their version she exerts real power, in a “separate spheres” way. A bar brawl doesn’t go from insult to heated words to slamming chairs to eventually drawing steel, it goes straight from insult to hacking off a body part.The most common substitutionz are: , though examples of this trope would probably not be considered legal words.This can also extend to acronyms/abbreviations/initializations to make them more memorable, even if the chosen letter isn't, technically, the one in the original word.They once had Phyllis Diller and Rip Taylor on together for a week.I'm not sure if Rip is a "friend of Dorothy" but I wouldn't be surprised.

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Certain letterz of the English alphabetz are just "kewler" than others.

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