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“He has my arms, like I’m on the ground,” Hughes said, in his slightly high and reedy voice.

“And he has my arms under his knees, and he is just boom, boom, boom, boom. ’ And I would take the blood in my mouth and I would spit it in his face.” Hughes laughed in delight.

The cheering by conservative faith groups over a dominant Supreme Court win in the case of a church-run preschool on June 26 may be short-lived, legal experts say, as the court's decision masks ongoing disagreement among justices when religious liberty collides with other legal protections. My husband and I have adopted five children, who are all adults now.

As usual, the Utah speaker of the House was impeccably dressed, wearing one of his shirts monogrammed with his self-given nickname: LB — "Lucky Bastard." The speaker, 47, was amped, his blue eyes flashing, his dimples working overtime as he talked in his rapid-fire cadence, first to representatives from the beleaguered Utah Transit Authority, then to a sophomore legislator from Hooper, and finally to a couple of reporters trying to suss out the agenda of the man who many say is the most powerful political figure in Utah.

In five weeks, Provo – an 88 percent Mormon town, in which rock clubs don't sell alcohol, only soda – will get the news, along with the rest of the world, that Glenn has been quietly sharing with friends and family for a couple of months: He's gay, has known he's gay since he was six years old and has been living a closeted life for decades that choked his spirit and threatened his sanity.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints officially calls gay sex a "serious transgression" – the same category in which it puts rape, murder and theft – and spent an estimated million fighting LGBT rights in California in the battle over Proposition 8.

Despite the unpredictable urgency of the medical situation, everything went as well as, if not better, than could be expected.

What was not expected was that this valiant young missionary would seize every personal encounter along the way to let the individuals know who he was and what he stood for.

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