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The forecast calls for temperatures to remain warm through the weekend before falling back down next week.

They fight and talk behind each other's backs and say they absolutely “hate” the people they're so in love with.

I mean, why the hell else would they put up with someone so unhappy? Miserable people like to make sure you know they're miserable. We all have those days we don't want to get out of bed.

You expect it to be everything like they say it is in the movies.

They manage to find the bad in any good you throw their way.

Miserable people will point out the bad in any situation simply for the sake of glooming down the party — not that they would be at a party… Misery loves company, but a company of miserable bastards doesn't necessarily like one another very much.

That said, his definition of fidelity is one that any thesaurus would struggle to accommodate.

Of the 2,000 surveyed married couples, 20 percent said they felt trapped in their marriages, but would not divorce unless they were guaranteed financial security, while 29 percent said they would advise younger generations not to get married.

Would you say some people or most people are miserable? With all the fake drama everyone seems to be indulging in, one has a difficult time telling whether or not people hate their lives as much as they say they do, or if they are simply reenacting an episode from the “Jersey Shore.”Miserable people do exist, but I would like to believe there aren't as many miserable people out there as there would seem to be.

With everyone complaining all over social media outlets all the time, you could only conclude that everyone in the whole world hates their lives.

But this can't be true…There are a few signs that are dead giveaways, however.

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