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Sign up on the Middle Spoon website to receive weekly passwords from Noble, a speak easy located beneath The Middle Spoon on Barrington.

Once you’ve gotten on “the list,” you’ll be able to order your date some of the fanciest cocktails in Halifax at this old fashioned artisanal bar.

A bright pink neon heart with the tag “LOSER” illuminates the front seated section, along with some witty Mr.Windsor’s best date spot offers a club-like setting, despite its reasonably well-lit interior.Old and new hip hop and electronic beats bump all night, giving diners out a reason to move around in their seat, or even stand up to sway next to their date.Unless you’re dating someone who’s lactose intolerant it’s likely they will really appreciate it if you take them to the Sweet Hereafter Cheescakery!My advice would be to split a slice of cheesecake as it is overwhelmingly (but deliciously) rich in taste.

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Daniel never met my son as I kept that part of my life extremely private until I felt like I was in a very serious relationship (like with the man I would soon after meet, marry and have three more children with), but he often brought little baby and toddler toys on our dates as gifts in addition to flowers and all the normal romantic stuff.

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