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Henry Dreyfuss, Industrial Designer: The Man in the Brown Suit.

front and back covers (front and back views, both color).

"American Modern, 1925–1940: Design for a New Age," May 25–August 19, 2001, unnumbered cat.

"American Modern, 1925–1940: Design for a New Age," September 14–December 16, 2001, unnumbered cat.

The following patent dates are on the back, arranged in two concentric circles: E-Mail Me at Bill's Clockworks My clock shop is at 8 W. My shop is typically open weekdays 9 - 4 and Saturday mornings, but not always.

It is best to E-Mail Me me to set up an appointment if you are making a special trip to see me.

Is the hand a friction fit on the brass collet, or is the collet a friction fit on the arbor, or, is the collet threaded onto the arbor?

There is a shallow groove around the front lip of the bezel. This clock has a rectangular brass movement, and the front of the case is nickel plated.I want to remove the paper dial/metal pan which is held on to the endplate with four tabs.(A new Chime Alarm movement with single key wind and one mainspring for time and alarm was introduced in 1956 for the Clock Of Tomorrow.A later Chime Alarm movement was used in some style 8 Big Ben alarm clocks.) The Big […] Read More I was sorting Westclox parts in my clock shop, and came across 2 plastic bags labeled: “Rare, pinched Big Ben Style 1a Keys” and “Early Style 1 Big Ben Keys”.

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