Did anderson cooper dating kathy griffin corporation property casualty liquidating distribution

He says he has family dinners often but I think he just means with Ben and can't say it. Carter was kind of cute and probably would've been a handsome man had he lived.

He really did have a good time with Steve Harvey and he's called him a friend for a few years now. It's odd that AC's bf Ben shares the same birthday as Carter.

No, R47, I didn't see any other than one shot of two guys (I assumed they were a couple) hugging but not kissing.

That's why I was curious to know if ABC had actually shown Gio and Tommy kissing, which would've been pretty awesome if they had. The guy that hosted the drag queen thing said last year he was retiring from the NYE show.

Ben's face reminds me of a racist skinhead, but I don't believe he is of course, AC wouldn't have any of that. These are the people he seems to be the closest to.[quote]Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld hosting a dinner with Matthew Broderick, Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa and others at Ciano. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 This could be very awkward. One married couple features an A list comedian and the other celebrity couple features an A list television host. If that's true, Kelly must know and not care since she's still socializing out with the Seinfeld's.[quote]I wonder if its odd for AC that his BF and deceased brother share a birthday. What a coincidence that the item @ R27 would come out around the same time as the Entertainment Lawyer's rumor about them surfaces? 8 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply It is true R49, I noticed that when he wears tight jeans and there was this one time when he was on R&K and he was doing some kind of exercise routine, he was really showing a package.

[quote]I'm more concerned about whether Dick Clark will be "in his cups" again this New Year's Eve. The last year I saw him, he was slurring so badly that Ryan Seacrest had to host most of the show! Anderson just blew off a fan who wanted to take a selfie, using the excuse that he'd "taken one earlier".

CF have you found that to be true or does he do a 180 when he's not working and just hanging with Ben and friends?

@CF, there was a point in Anderson's show today where he was sitting in what looked to be his kitchen in the firehouse - he kept the shot tight so we couldn't see much but the little bit I did see looked nice, with nice lighting fixtures and big refridgerator - brown cabinets. With Carter and his dad gone who is Anderson's "family" besides Ben and his mom?

I don't know if the drag queen thing continued without him or not. I usually don't go out for NYE but my boyfriend's sister is moving tomorrow so we "had" to.

CF if you're around here's a question: Anderson and his mom have said that what you see on the air is pretty much how Anderson is off camera.

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