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“He thought that I was much more invested in the relationship than I was, which made things awkward in the subsequent weeks.

And after we broke up, I had to deal with my family asking about him for years.” “Gift giving can be extremely awkward in the early stages of dating,” warns Julie Melillo, a Manhattan life coach.

There are a lot of people out there looking for companionship, and just because you are over a certain age does not mean there isn't someone for you!

Try to find places that arrange activities for seniors, look online and find fun things to do with new people.

But factor in different faiths, family issues and wildly different expectations, and it may be hard for a new romance to last beyond the new year.

Here, five of the trickiest holiday situations New Yorkers face — and how to solve them.

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Life and dating coach Donna Barnes discusses dating if you're over 65. When you’re playing the dating game, a coach can also help you get better.Bragging Rights: featured in more than 400 media outlets Dating online throws some new rules into an already tricky game – that’s where Davis has you covered.She will coach you through decoding text messages, writing your online profile and flirting on social media.Technology can be an amazing asset, and she’ll teach you how to use it correctly.

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Then at age 30, the best thing that could have happened to her did. She refocused all her relationship curiosity into getting an education.

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  1. It's so easy, simply create your personal profile and view your most compatible matches, browse profiles in your area and see who likes you. It was very hard for me to go out there on a dating website, but after a few unsuitable matches and fans, I have to say that my misgivings about dating online were not justified.

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