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Again I was struck by the practical help found in this book, but was also drawn into the compelling story of her own childhood.I didn’t have any children at the time, but was hoping this season was just ahead.Through the years, Elisabeth Elliot became a respected and influential voice across the generations — for godly womanhood and purity, for Christian marriage and family life, and for the needs of global missions and God’s Great Commission. published his blog post, “Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed.” It sparked a firestorm, racking up more than 1,500 comments, provoking numerous rebuttals from other bloggers, and inspiring a Kickstarter campaign that led (just one year later) to a book entitled I thought.

This week marks the passing of a great woman — a passing from this life, and into the next.

My husband is grateful I read it and let it affect my thinking and practice as a wife.

In my early years of marriage when Matt was in seminary and our leisure time was devoted to reading, I devoured at a resale bookshop.

(Thomas defines it as a practice in which every step happens “for the purpose of marriage.”) Meanwhile, within Modern Dating, it’s easy to assume that since there’s no way to find a spouse, there should be no method at all. (Non-Christians and Christians, courtship and dating advocates alike! Well, Thomas has no desire to hand out yet another detailed relationship how-to.

Besides the practical help it gave me, I was completely drawn into the story of her and Jim Elliot’s courtship.

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