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The type of music and how it is used largely depends on the musical preference of a person as well as the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of need of that person.

Healing Harmonies operates under the beliefs that: Music is natural and it is within each and every one of us since before birth.

Or, use classroom instruments like the piano or Orff pitched percussion.

Student Directions: (students should work in pairs) Post a reply to the topic about Consonance and Dissonance here: Talk About Our Approach to Harmony Let us know your general thoughts about this harmonic concept.

The ancient Greeks discovered that musical harmony seems rooted in mathematics, while many cultures worldwide base their musical scales around the octave and use mathematically neat chords like the perfect fifth.

Her new outfit also had a black legging that stopped just a little bit over her shorts and a pair of lavender arm warmers. " Naruto, being as dense as a rock he was to almost everything, didn't catch the tone in her greeting. ""I went shopping for a new set of clothes," replied Hinata. "Well, to be honest I'd love to…" his (partial) answer made the Yandere (not that Naruto knew it) beaming happily.

Her next stop was a salon where she would get her new haircut. He was carrying something inside a plastic bag in his hand, but Hinata pay less attention to that as she was focusing on the blonde Jinchuuriki. "…but I'm sorry, I can't."Hinata looked like as if a thunder had struck her. ""I'm buying dango for Sakura-chan and I promised to her that I would be back soon."His reply made her disappointed, but at the same time her anger and jealousy to Sakura increased ten time folds. "Hinata didn't realize that Naruto was waving his hand in front of her eyes since her mental rant.

” Well, that is only a small fraction of what music therapy could be.

Music therapy is defined as the use of prescribed music interventions created by qualified personnel to address non-musical goals and objectives.

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