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Christina Maria Aguilera is perhaps the most talented of the recent Disney mouse ear wearing bunch to hit the music scene.Her debut album Christina Aguilera rocketed to the #1 position in its initial week, outshining hip-hop icon Puff Daddy, selling over 250,000 copies.As it happens, Aguilera was padding around her house on the morning of October 4 and happened to hear Durst's comments on TV. Eminem's whole song ["The Real Slim Shady"] did not happen, OK?"You wish you got some nookie from it," Aguilera responded to an MTV camera crew after she caught Durst's explanation on-air. It just didn't, but it's some really crazy stuff that people want to insinuate and people want to say, and it is hurtful." [Real Video] Durst's VMA performance with Aguilera proved to be polarizing, with fans either hailing Durst for his open-mindedness or slamming him for "embarrassing rock." It remains to be seen if the controversy will dent Limp Bizkit's fan base, as the band plans to release its next album, "Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water," on October 17.So he moved to Pennsylvania with his mother and his childhood was spent here.Singer Christina’s childhood dream was to grow up and discover talent in music was first grandmother.

Ariana Grande and Christina performed "Dangerous Woman" on Tuesday, where both songstresses brought everything they had to offer—belting, dancing and a genuinely great show.He participated in many music competitions as a child and was always the first time.The first album was released in 1999 and began playing frequently in radio album.Durst performed with the feisty pop babe at the 2000 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS, but later told his fans he only agreed to the collaboration to further his chances of having sex with the star.Christina rants, "To me, he was always saying, 'Christina, you're so talented,' feeding me all this stuff.

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