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Co-Authored with illusorygentleman and cross-posted on his account on FF dot net. Featuring, for probably the first time, Freddie with a pair. With one text from Freddie, Sam and his rivalry changes into what starts out as a loving relationship.When Sam first met Freddie, halfway through their summer break and on their way to the seventh grade, he annoyed her. Three months into the relationship however, Freddie decides he wants to keep fighting.What is Killer Tuna Jump without Killer Tuna and a jump?

I have been a little obsessed with at two points in my life: once, in the summer of 2010, when I first began to watch it (though that wasn’t the first time I had ever seen an episode); and then a year ago in the fall of 2011, when I rewatched the whole series and wrote up a very detailed and thorough treatise on Spencer/Carly for this blog, (you can find that here: Part I, Part II Part I, Part II Part II), and one of my more entertaining fanfics, in my opinion (which is here).

The show has conserved everything I love about Spencer and Carly’s relationship, so it’s a better description to say that the past 17 episodes (the ones before the finale) have been more of the same rather than to say that there was nothing worth mentioning.

If I was in the mood to rewatch all of those 17 episodes, do GIFs and screencaps, and describe certain scenes (and had the time to do all that), I’m sure I could fill quite a few pages with moments and commentaries in the same vein as what I discussed in the first three entries, but I am just going to focus on the finale and leave you with the knowledge that nothing has changed during those 17 episodes, but there also hasn’t been any more glorious accidental dates that you’ve missed out on hearing about. It did not introduce any new character development, but it sort of confirmed absolutely, canonically, and irretrievably the idea that Spencer will always be young and silly at heart.

All I can say is that this was a good premise, it's a damn shame that person didn't finish it before it got taken down. After a certain point, I'll be diverging, but until then, some rewrites here & there. Might be a slight clash in the writing styles of mine & Pock's at points. Sam, has had a crush on Freddie since their first kiss they shared together.

When Sam finds out that Carly likes Freddie, she doesn't want to hurt her best friend so she agrees to help out Carly.

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