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I did my parental best to offer up ideas as to why she does what she does, and thankfully they didn’t question me or ask to see the evidence behind my hypotheses.We asked a panel of providers to give us their best answers as to why our kids do what they do.Their classmates are puzzled by their strange behavior, as well as their teachers.Corrine is then told at a meeting by the principal as well as several psychiatrists that they are not fit for public school, and that they will be sent to a special school.

With his help and support, Philip's vocabulary expands, and Steven says his very first word, "Pizza".Upon learning about their condition, her live-in boyfriend leaves because he knows raising twins with a mental disability will be difficult.Corrine then moves with her boys to another town and enrolls them in a public school.For active avoiders, I think there is a sensory component where it is unpleasant for them to make direct eye to eye contact.Emily: One of the core deficits for individuals with autism is difficulty coordinating verbal and non-verbal means of communication.

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