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a New York state judge has rejected her claim that she has become a Sony slave and Dr. As we reported, Kesha tried to get an emergency order giving her the right to get out of her Sony deal, on grounds Dr.Luke allegedly raped her and Sony was tormenting her by holding her to the deal."I seem to get a lot of female slaves by spreading game to acquire more women "slaves." This is but one of the methods listed to acquire more targets, though.It's crazy to think there might be someone out there watching you through your own webcam, no?

"Women who have this done to them, especially when the spying escalates into blackmail, report feeling paranoia.

(Image: You Tube screenshot) We’ve reported about webcam hacking and spying in the past, but a recent report by Ars Technica is giving an even more in-depth look into the scary world of people who can take control of a person’s computer, peering into his or her life via webcam all in the name of an unsettling game.

Ars Technica’s Nate Anderson begins his story about RATs (remote administration tools) with an eerie scene: a woman sits in front of her computer with a baby on her lap, voicing her frustration over unwanted content popping up to a man who is in the room but offscreen.

” Anderson writes that these “ratters,” as they’re called, might only be playing what they consider a game with their victims but others hope to spy on intimate moments or search computer files for erotic photos.

Here’s what Anderson reports a couple ratters saying about their activities online: “Man I feel dirty looking at these pics,” wrote one forum poster at Hack Forums, one of the top “aboveground” hacking discussion sites on the Internet (it now has more than 23 million total posts).

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Over the weekend, Ars Technica wrote a great feature on hackers who abuse remote administration tools (RAT) in order to gain access to the computers of strangers.

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