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Paulie got here first and I’d swear he managed a few breakfast scoops before he even got in the taxi and the Ryanair girls were giving him looks. There’s no way we’re gonna have a repeat of Bydgoz…. I must have sent out about fifty facebook msgs last night to remind everybody.Da was saying when they went to Euro ’88 he had to send uncle Mick a postcard to let him know when the van was leaving for the ferry. I was slagging him, “did ye write it in Morse code? Seriously, how those lads ever organised pints is beyond me.As I mentioned in my article “The Evocative EVP” ( while more ghost hunting groups are finally acknowledging that there are natural explanations for orb photos, many of these same people are still clinging to their EVPs with a death grip.I believe this might be because listening is more subjective; you can easily see how orbs are recreated, but replicating false positive EVPs may be more complicated due to various factors.A series of free-kicks just before the half-time whistle marked about the best of their opportunities, yet even these scarcely threatened the Greystones goal. Kevin's played some nice possession football but just failed to penetrate the Greystones defence with any real conviction. The Greystones centre-halve pairing of Johnathon Murphy and Luke O'Callaghan were commanding throughout and they stood in the way of all that was directed towards them. Recently, my company brought together 60 of the web’s brightest minds to speak about influence for 60 seconds each. But for now, I wanted to share with my fellow Copyblogger enthusiasts and Third Tribe mavens the “one thing” each speaker shared that we at Thought Lead found unique and essential to building digital influence. People don’t care about products and services; they care about themselves.” [email protected] #2.

Then some Norn Iron lads turned up with one that said; “"Liberté Egalité Lafferté". So we’re staying in a mad gaff Paulie found on Airbnb in Paris ‘till Tuesday. The French lad renting it out was a bit suspicious, but Paulie said he was coming over with his girlfriend to look at art galleries. At the airport and the plane to Charles de Gaulle is taking off in 20 minutes.That’s if they can get the Norn Iron lads to stop shouting at randomers in Wales jerseys about sheep-shagging.Kevin's controlling the majority of the possession while Greystones were content to sit back and catch their opponents on the break. With sixteen minutes gone, the home side nearly found the game's opening goal when a superb Sam Quinn pass put Cian Hynes through on goal, but the midfielder just lifted his shot over the bar.

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Cian Hynes, who it must be noted was fantastic all throughout this game caused the away team numerous problems in both halves of this game and he can count himself unlucky to not have claimed a goal of his own.

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  1. The conceit of the film is the boys are similar in looks — although not to us cinema viewers — so it is a bitter humor that Eyad would face discrimination identifying as himself, but not as Jonathan.