Google finance android app not updating

Our financial lives are complicated-- cash, cards, savings, debt-- and we’re not all born gifted accountants.

Managing money is a highly important and highly personal issue for us at Wally.

Yahoo apps work best on the latest version of the operating system software.

Before trying any of the steps below make sure you have the latest OS version for your device.

Complete each step before moving to the next one: Some Yahoo product features are only available in the desktop browser version.

If you can't find a feature you're looking for in a Yahoo app, check out our list of Yahoo features not available on mobile devices.

Looking at view-source on the phone and for the desktop and comparing, I found that the view-source for the mobile is missing a good chunk of code.

One of which is the graph rendering script call ( ) which explains why the graph is the latest nightly you just go directly to the website and it won't show the graph: 1. q=NASDAQ: GOOG Note: Mozilla/5.0 (Android; Linux armv7I; rv9.0a1) Gecko/20110826 Firefox/9.0a1 Fennec/9.0a1 Device: Thunderbolt OS: Android 2.2Note - This is still not working as of 4/5/2012 for Fennec Native Aurora and Nightly.

And thus Wally was born-- a simple, seamless, and intuitive tool to manage your personal finances.And Google had an expert in-house: Katie Jacobs Stanton, who had previously run Yahoo Finance for three years.Stanton is a genuine products whiz—she even got awarded a patent related to displaying news related to a company's stock price. Mayer, now Yahoo's CEO, is reportedly trying to woo her back to Yahoo.) When Google Finance launched in 2006, commentators noted that it went against an early promise by Google to stick to Web search and not offer frills like "financial advice." But Google Finance didn't go anywhere.For reporting web pages that need to be upgraded to support web standards and Gecko-based browsers.And for reporting add-ons that exhibit common problems that make Firefox run sub-optimally.

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