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However, because there are no official history on these companies, they are written to the best of our knowledge and experience.Greco is one of the pioneers of these lawsuit guitar makers.MZ1: bedeutet, dass die Gitarre in Ensenada, Mexiko in den Jahren 2001-2002 gebaut wurde.Die USA Squier Einige der in der USA gebauten Squier Gitarren, haben eine Seriennummer mit einem E für Eighties, also 1980er Jahre als Präfix und einige haben eine Seriennummer, mit einem N am Anfang für die Neunziger, also 1990er Jahrex.

The headstock logos were dead ringers from 15 feet away. Other details were uncanny, too, in their replication of the Fender Strat. As for the Burny’s, the Les Paul models were given the name “Super Grade” instead of “Les Paul.” These models beganwith RLG and then a number, designating the price at which it was to list at, similar to other Japanese brands from thesame era .

For their Fender copies, they were forcedto change their headstock shape completely.

The rare old Fender and Gibson "lawsuit" replicas that can be found are extremely accurate in their attention to detail thatthe original Fender and Gibsons had.

They have been making guitars since the early 1960's at the Fiji-gen Gakki plant.

However, note that some Fender copies were made in the Matsumoku plant prior to 1967.

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