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In this episode, the Sugars take questions from two letter writers struggling with their relationships to money.

The first, an aspiring playwright, feels guilty about all the advantages that her parents' wealth has provided to her.

A month into the relationship he told her about a property investiment opportunity.

She gave him a large sum of money and once he got the money, he stopped all contact with her.

Informal situations, you come from the gibson web site as it really caught my attention and is completely unaware of the resources available to them.

Clover Dating App surveyed 3 million of its users to find out what emojis turn off each sex and what ones turn on the conversation.

The second, a divorced mother, is unable to control her spending and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

They're joined by the writer Sean Wilsey, who wrote about his own complicated relationship to family wealth in the acclaimed memoir, "Oh the Glory of it All."In this short episode, the Sugars take a question from a 23 year-old woman who is engaged to the man she's been dating since she was 19.

They discuss a letter from a visual artist who has just learned he is losing his sight, and another from a woman whose life has been transformed by her daughter's life-threatening condition.

In this episode, the Sugars take a question from a young woman whose boyfriend recently broke up with her because of uncertainty about his sexuality.

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Toronto Police are hoping you can help mend a broken heart, and get a woman's money back from a man who conned her out of money on an online dating site.

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