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As long as they are happy, we are happy." However, deep down inside, do we really feel that way?

How does one truly feel about inter-religious relationships and marriages?

Mainly, people living in villages in India are very conscious regarding these.

It does not mean that people living in the cities do not observe them but they are not as staunch as the people in villages are.

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A fourth group, the conquered pre-Aryan people or Shudras, were at the bottom of society. Some of your closest friends have done it and everybody gossips about it-mixed marriages. Slowly, awkwardly, Hindu society is facing it and finding it's a lot healthier to talk about it and positively adjust to it when it happens, rather than hide it, fight it or ignore it. They were discussing the recent marriage of her cousin Rahul to a black woman. It's an issue of mixed emotions, mixed philosophies and mixed cultures. We all like to think of ourselves as liberal people and dismiss the issue of interreligious marriage by saying, "If they love each other, that's all that matters. Visionaries laud it as the making of a multi-ethnic, golden race that will bring peace to the planet. Neha Pancholi, a 23-year-old girl from Ann Arbor, Michigan, experienced what many Hindu youth are facing in America. What religion would a child be if the parents were Hindu and Jewish respectively?It is the most complex, diverse, and tolerant of the world's religions.One can find within Hinduism almost any form of religion--from simple animism to elaborate philosophical systems--which has ever been conceived or practiced by mankind.

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When I met Mohsin, I regarded him only as my brother's friend," says Neha.

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