Intel me 8 1 updating toolv1 00 01

(Gameplay Tab)Added Workshop snap grid setting to Gameplay tab Reworked third person camera so you can reset it to vanilla properly but still edit some of the settings Moved the 'add...' button for auto Execute back near the auto execute button Deleted v 1.2.4.x as it had settings that would cause third person camera issues Fixed Third person camera to work as expected, pressing "Use Vanilla Settings" will now truly use vanilla settings.

This update over provisions the drive for improved Random Read/Write performance, increases the life span and endurance of the drive, and corrects compatibility issues seen in the Acer W500 and Asus EP121.

Make sure MXQ-4K is turned off, insert the toothpick in the S/PDIF connector until you press the button, and keeping pressing while you power on the device, and release the button after a few seconds.

So now our new should have a cool 4096MB partitions. You’ll need a toothpick or other non-conductive sharp object, and a USB type A to USB type A cable.

Get improved speeds, endurance, and lifespan while making compatibility issues a thing of the past!

Click the links below to download the latest firmware update for My Digital SSD BP3 m SATA SSDs featuring the Phison S8 controller and our step-by-step tutorial to assist you in updating your drive.

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