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The latest motorcycle released from America’s first motorcycle company is, by definition, the most modern of the most retro and therefore could be classed as the most modern-retro of them all.

It probably won’t though – its cruiser stance is a little bit too low-cut bootleg in this era of the high-waisted skinny-leg.

As far as transitions go, this one’s really not too bad!

And it feels great once you’ve made it up to into Glentress. Stage 1 breaks you in gently to the G-Form Enjoyro.

You can either take a photo using your device's camera or choose an image from Dropbox or your photo gallery.

Once you open a photo, you'll be working solely on that picture, even as you move among editing options.

Nik Software brings the complex tools and algorithms behind some of its advanced, professional photo tools to a clean, more intuitive interface optimized for the touch-centric mobile universe.

The Snapseed app for Android and i OS devices distinguishes itself not only by offering a finer degree of control than found elsewhere, but also by doing so in a way in which you can quickly preview your changes.

Almost a century later and things haven’t changed that much.

Position yourself as the target viewer and ask yourself, “How is this visualization relevant to me?

” Specifying the question you need to answer will give you a solid focus.

Data visualization is a friendly strategy for marketers who work with too much information—a common problem especially in the big data era.

Through this process, content marketers can gather, organize, converge, and interpret intimidating bits of information.

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