Inundating you

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Seaweed expert Pia Winberg said it was due to a combination of timing and currents."It's part of a group of seaweeds called colpomenia and they're actually more like little bags," she said."But they've ended up washing ashore in droves after a reproductive cycle."She said you might not want to go swimming in the clouds of flakes but it would not hurt you."They'll get organisms around them, small crustaceans and things eating them," he said.It seeks to understand the prospect of a new global landscape of trade between the UK and the rest of the world. – You can also read other useful information around Brexit and the impact on businesses here.Whatever business issues you may be facing around Brexit or increased costs, the Sue Rees Associates team is here for you to solve any recruitment challenges you may have.Commonly used to refer to a deluge of water, inundate can also refer to an overflow of something less tangible, like information.Right before the holidays, toy stores are often inundated with eager parents scrambling to get the latest action figures and video games.

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