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She made it quite clear yesterday when she took to her Facebook page to debunk the latest rumor linking her with 22 year old rapper Young Lace.Actress/Model Melyssa Ford & Rapper Young Lace Melyssa stated on her FB page: It is apparent from her comments these types of rumors have taken a toll on her relationship and she made it clear that she has had enough! They make up the most elaborate, crazy, and full of lies stories!According to Ford, gossip sites claimed she was spotted with “The Chef” at a photoshoot. I’ve read about people that I’ve been with that I have never even met before.One great story was about me and Raekwon,” she explained in an interview.It’s callous and RUDE.” Do you think Melyssa is wrong for being upset at the latest rumor about her or is this just par for the course because of the profession she is in?Maybe she might want to check the people she is dating and let them know beforehand that this is the nature of the business and that they should take the good and the bad if they are interested in dating her.Apparently, dating hasn’t been easy for the video vixen turned reality star at all.“Dating for me is the bane of my existence,” Melyssa confesses in a preview for the upcoming season of the series.As it turns out, the very career path that placed her at the top of countless men’s Woman Crush Wednesday lists is the same one that has made it difficult for the 37-year-old to establish meaningful relationships.“A lot of times I try to evade the video vixen from the past or the calendar model,” Melyssa expressed.

Melyssa will also be starring as the lead chick in his new video for the first single to drop off of “Only Built For Cuban Links 2”. Walk with us as we take a brief stroll down memory lane…. People weren’t yet convinced that Mc Donalds was all that bad for you – after all, would a clown sell you something that could be detrimental to your health? Video had been killing the radio star for a minute before rap got in on the act.If that doesn’t work…she can always give me a call because I promise I will understand…lol!Video vixen Melyssa Ford has come clean and addressed a past dating rumor which involved her and Wu-Tang Clan‘s Raekwon.

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My favorite scene is where the wedding singer [sings], “I’ll take you to the candy shop.” [Laughs]. [Laughs] People don’t know that I’ve known 50 since 2004.

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