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And not only him, giving out the name of his girlfriend, if he still has one, would cause her a lot of attention and possibly jealous fans harassing her - so I'm gonna say, this is an answer you're not going to find. I would believe with his "always on the go" lifestyle, rarely being home, always working, etc. Erin Rydermass effectmass effect andromedamass effect: andromedame: andromedame:andromedame:ame: asisryderfemrydersis! Puzzled about the frogs, Josh decided to go near the village.Josh spotted a heat signiture on the Flir but it dissappeared too quickly for them to check it out.

The crew, as well as Evan, revisit this location during Season Five, Episode Two, which meets with equally creepy results.

Destination Truth was a weekly American paranormal reality television series that premiered on June 6, 2007, on Syfy. Productions and Ping Pong Productions, the program follows paranormal researcher Josh Gates around the world to investigate claims of the supernatural, mainly in the field of cryptozoology.

Season three concluded on April 21, 2010, and currently holds the highest ratings ever for the series, which continued with a fourth season, beginning on Thursday, September 9, 2010, at p.m. On March 27, 2014, Gates confirmed via his Facebook account that Destination Truth had ended its run and would not be returning for a sixth season, however The Travel Channel began airing replays of the show in the spring of 2017.

I saw him Tweet on Twitter about a year or so ago about something his girlfriend was doing, but that's the last I ever saw/heard him mention a girlfriend.

I think he's one who prefers to keep his romantic life private, which is perfectly understandable.

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The particular woods investigated are a location infamous for being one where people go to kill themselves.

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