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Sunday night's display seemed to tip some people over the edge; one passed-around response, for example, suggested that the nudity was a "gimmick" and said that "the device of Hannah feeling so free in her skin that she drops her clothes at the drop of a hat, has officially jumped the shark and moved firmly into self-parody territory." Also wondered about: "who plays ping-pong naked?! criticism frankly pretends to be more elevated than it is.

Of course some people really, genuinely do find Hannah's only sorta frequent nudity (I mean, come on guys, it's really not that often) to be a strange and unnecessary stylistic tic instead of a gross-out.

"During her major masochistic fantasy, an erotic dream sequence involving her husband, she was driven in a carriage into the woods where her husband Pierre instructed the coachmen (Michel Charrel) to gag her, tie her hands, and bind her to a nearby tree.

Her dress was torn and her bare back was whipped (pleasurably), before he also told the coachman: "That's enough. Go ahead" - before a presumed scene of rape between them.

série explosive créée, coécrite, réalisée et interprétée par Lena Dunham, elle-même vingtenaire à l’époque.

Lena Dunham a raconté, depuis, l’ultraminuscule et ridicule pitch qu’elle avait fourni en 2011 à HBO, la chaîne câblée pourtant très ambitieuse, à propos de : Marnie la stylée, Jessa la baba cool, Shoshanna la vierge.

But that's more about character, about believing that Hannah would choose to do that, than it is about seeing boobs and nipples.

Yes, for in no way the first time, Dunham's character Hannah was seen topless throughout the episode, in situations both sexual and, well, ping-pong-related.

No one, or at least no one who doesn't want to get justifiably shouted off the Internet, is going to say that Dunham's chronic state of undress is off-putting or upsetting because Dunham is not a size two.

While that may actually be the case for many of the detractors, all but a few will wrap the whole criticism up in claims that the nudity affects the of the show.

It's a distraction or a gimmick or whatever word they want to couch their mild revulsion in so it's more palatable to the cultured masses who care about such things.

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