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He also walks over to where the camera is located, providing a clear view of his face.

The man took a number of items, including her husband’s loaded handgun, according to Emily.

Footage from the bedroom cam provides the clearest images of the burglar.

In eight minutes of video, the suspect can be seen going through a nightstand, a dresser and checking underneath the bed.

Charges were dropped when Berry agreed to compensate the victims of his “potty cam” financially. The melody of The Beach Boys’ classic ‘Surfin’ USA’ is almost identical to the melody of Chuck’s 1958 classic ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’.

They sounded so alike in fact that The Beach Boys had to give Berry co-writing credit in order to avoid a lawsuit.

Another said: 'Soooo, [he's] gonna be wearing an engagement ring?

“Walk in the living room and there’s stuff all over the floor that was in my room – teenage son’s room downstairs, it was sifted through.

Went through my teenage daughter’s room, it was sifted through.” HOW TECHNOLOGY IS HELPING CATCH NIGHTTIME POACHERS IN AFRICA The family has cameras set up in their living room and bedroom, which Johnson’s husband checked.

'The newly engaged woman responded to other negative You Tube comments saying she decided to propose to her boyfriend to make up for their bumpy past, according to KHOU. our relationship has been over the course of almost seven years and he proposed after our third year and had a break up going into our sixth year.

'I proposed this time showing him I know he is the one for me and I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

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  1. I love this drama..though it was boring at some point also i expected some romantic expression between wan chi ang and Sung A but it can late in d ending which i dont like.. It wasn't even by midpoint or anything, it was in every episode. Hong bin acting is OK not great but am sure he will improve more in the future....