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This rare 14th-century thatched and timber-framed Wealden ‘hall house’ was the first building to be acquired by us in 1896.Situated in an idyllic setting it has a garden laid out in the 1920s by the then tenant Sir Robert Witt to evoke a medieval garden, with old-fashioned roses, topiary, a potager for vegetables, a herb garden and an orchard.He was, as chivalrous sorts are, ridiculously devoted to his lady.And, typically for courtly narratives, she is portrayed as having been cold, aloof, and disinterested (to be honest, you probably would be too if your knight entered your room at night to drink your bathwater).A MEDIEVAL ringfort that included a jewellery workshop and extensive farming has been uncovered in a surprise archaeological find during a road project in Co Roscommon.But it will take the outcome of scientific analysis on the almost 800 people whose remains were found in the excavation to reveal the complete story of the ringfort.Through this education (of sorts) you will be able to charm your way into Bratwurst and chill with most mittelalter German hotties.

The remains of 793 people were found, about three quarters of them were intact and the others were disarticulated.Parts of the Manor are believed to date back to the 12th-century Benedictine priory.Although the garden was completely redesigned in the 20th century with raised walks, flower gardens and an orchard by Colonel and Mrs Jenner, a few elements of the original garden, such as some of the walls and hedges, have survived.We care for some beautiful gardens that date back to the medieval period, between the middle ages and the 1500s.Rarely have entire gardens survived from this period, but individual elements like dovecotes and fishponds have stood the test of time and you can find them in several of our gardens.

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