Mormon dating an atheist

I was going to go to college, meet a worthy return missionary, get sealed in the temple and have a plethora of babies.

I’m a big believer in the school of you-don’t-know-it-until-you’ve-done-it. We were both humanists (which is a fancy term for do-gooder atheists) of Jewish descent. Rachel also told me that our marriage is a resounding success, and I believe her.However, my plan didn't work out the way I had hoped.I couldn't afford BYU, even though I had the grades and ACT score to get accepted. I spent my time at the Institute of Religion and in class.The Wisconsin-based foundation co-sponsored the event with the Triangle Freethought Society, which draws its members from this state’s tech-heavy Research Triangle.The nonbelievers came from as far afield as Ireland and France, but most described themselves as refugees from the heart of the South - atheist anomalies amid fiercely devout friends, family and neighbors.

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