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We have had several asking about romantic relationships between Mormons and non-Mormons and what they should do about it.It’s our policy not to become involved in personal problems since we are not an advice column, but we do want to give some general principles touching this topic from an LDS perspective.There are scholars, of repute and renown, who place his natal day in every year from 1 B. Elder Talmage notes the Book of Mormon chronology, which says that the Lord Jesus would be born six hundred years after Lehi left Jerusalem. There are reasons for believing that those who, a long time after our Savior's birth, tried to ascertain the correct time, erred in their calculations, and that the Nativity occurred four years before our era, or in the year of Rome 750. But in order to be as helpful to students as I could, I have taken as the date of the Savior's birth the date now accepted by many scholars,—late 5 B. C, because Bible Commentaries and the writings of scholars are frequently keyed upon that chronology and because I believe that so to do will facilitate and make easier the work of those studying the life and works of the Savior from sources using this accepted chronology." This is the course being followed in this present work [i.e., the work being written by Elder Mc Conkie.] On the other hand, at least two Presidents of the Church—Harold B.All that this Revelation means to say is that the Church was organized in the year commonly accepted as 1830, A. Lee and Spencer W Kimball—have affirmed that April 6th is the actual birth date of the Savior as well as the anniversary of the organization of the Church.The first time I made out with a boy in college and he got a bit “enthusiastic”, he looked at me somberly and said “I think we need to confess this to the bishop.

This is not a whimsical interest, we have known each other for nearly a year now, it is also a mutual interest, we have discussed our feelings for each and agree that there is a real potential for a relationship.Read them with me, dear AMG community, by the dwindling light of the menorah: I am a single woman in my early 30s, and I’ve been a member of the Mormon Church my whole life. I grew up in Utah, attended BYU, and served a mission.I can count on one hand the number of Sundays I’ve missed sacrament meeting in the past ten years. Yes, those “weird people” who don’t drink coffee, tea or alcohol.Church services last three hours and the men and women are divided into separate groups in the last hour to give them their own gender specific lessons on faith and family.

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I have had sex before but have also been for long periods without it, and explained to her that if we were in a serious relationship that we both thought was heading somewhere I could handle holding off having sex until we were married.

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