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Above all, the best mascots never take themselves too seriously. If you want to freak out your kid, Prowl is available for birthday parties and elementary school visits. When the Twins were struggling with getting families to games in the late 1990s, elementary school students voted for T. Viktor’s back story is straight from Norse mythology. According to Nordy’s page on the Minnesota Wild’s website, no one truly knows what kind of animal he is, but legend says he was born on the Iron Range and found skating the frozen lakes and ponds near Eveleth.

Tourney debutante most likely to stick around: Northwestern This is an easy one. Still, shoutouts to all the newbies: Enjoy your stay, however long it lasts. Viking This category was initially intended to honor Lafitte the Instigator. With the possible exception of Big Red (the GOAT), Lafitte is the most oddly endearing mascot we've ever seen. Just before we went to press, learned some terrible news: Before the start of the 2016-17 season, Lafitte was usurped by New Orleans' new mascot, Capt. (University of New Orleans = UNO, you see.) He seems pretty chill, we guess, yet we weep for Lafitte -- an icon of his time, gone too soon. Throw in the relative lack of travel (Salt Lake City, San Jose and Phoenix) and Gonzaga fans should be thrilled. (He ended a joint interview with his son on ESPN's post-bracket show Sunday by telling Chris that he loved him. ) Lonzo Ball's father La Var Ball, the man who insisted his son was better than Stephen Curry and later proclaimed he "would kill" Michael Jordan in one-on-one (in his "heyday"), is this field's best potential source for laughable-yet-somehow-endearing proclamations about his first born. A year after being drastically underseeded and sent to the First Four in Dayton, the Shockers are a No. On Selection Sunday, Wichita State's adjusted efficiency margin rank (per Ken -- eighth -- was higher than its NCAA tournament seed. The Shockers are one win away from a second-round matchup with the team -- Kentucky -- that ended its unbeaten season in 2013-14 during the round of 32.

Colleges around the nation are home to some of the most loved characters who help lead their team to victory!

Mascots are a symbol of school spirit to help rev up the crowd, inspire fans, and intimidate the opposing team.

For five years, there was a great sea lion versus slug debate. Finally, after appearing on the David Letterman show, the Chancellor gave in and the students got Sammy as their official mascot.

Sammy may have managed to get a full spread in People Magazine at one point, but this doesn’t change the fact that banana slugs are slimy, slow, and definitely anything but intimidating.

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After taking a deeper look into what mascots exist, we’re shaking our heads at these characters. Pronounced “gooey duck”, Speedy, who was introduced in 2006, has quickly gotten the rep for being the “weirdest” and the “worst” college mascot on countless lists.

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