Ms project summary task not updating

The server seems to ignore the custom field values while correctly updating system field values.

There is documentation for updating custom fields on Project, but not on Task: Dev/Project-REST-Basic-Operations/blob/master/updateprojectcustomfieldvalues.ps1 What is the proper way for updating custom fields on Tasks in Project Server 2016?

Right-click on the flag field you want to customize and choose Custom Fields. Under the Custom Attributes section, click the Formula button. A formula editor will appear, allowing you to insert different fields and conditions. This is highly recommended, especially if you are creating an executive summary report.

Our recommended setting for summary tasks is the Rollup option, with the dropdown set to “OR”.

This gives you a lot of flexibility to set up import rules, apply them to a flag field, and then have One Pager Pro automatically import the tasks and milestones that meet your criteria.

To add a formula to a flag field, just follow these steps: 1. After you’ve written your formula, you will have the option to apply it to summary tasks as well.

For Project Server 2013 we’ve been using the SOAP API’s Queue Update Project Request to achieve this but in 2016 we can’t even checkout the project using SOAP.

We try to POST to /PWA/_vti_bin/psi/Project.asmx: We’ve also tried writing the custom field values using custom field internal names when Merge Posting to /Project Server/Projects('')/Draft/Tasks('’.

This check box is to be used in specific situation only and with caution as baseline data of upper level and lower level summary tasks may not match. Updating baseline in this case could be bit tricky especially when we have entered actuals in some tasks.Consider the following scenario Summary Task Sub Task 1 2 days Sub Task 2 1 day Suppose you have entered 3 days as actual for Sub Task 1.Now due to an approved change request, you need to remove Sub Task 2.You may be confused how to re-baseline Summary Task.If you use the method describe in 1 scenario and re-baseline by selecting Sub Task 1, actuals in Sub Task 1 may get baselined and your variance will be lost.

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MS Project can handle linked summary activities, but it is problematic for the reasons noted by PMI.

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